Helpful in treating the most common, yet terminal diseases in animals, including adrenal disease, kidney failure, cancer & tumors. To assist in shrinking tumors, I also recommend using red clover formula. It can be given with the Noni Juice.


Silver Furzilla arrived at the rescue during the summer of 2003. He and his friend Princess had been the victims of abuse by an alcoholic. They were tormented into biting to defend themselves and then thrown in to a wall. Never once however, did Silver ever attempt to bite me or my nephew Zach. He did however bite everyone else and shook in fear. In exchange for rescuing him, Silver felt he had a job around the house. He would strut through the rooms, dooking & chuckling as if he was checking to be sure all was well. He was a creature of habit, marching on his inspection then retiring in his favorite swing for a nap. He became a very special piece of my heart. One morning he appeared from the ferret room, his head hanging, the spring gone from his step. He rested his head on my foot telling me he was not well. The official diagnosis was a bacterial infection ( we were already aware of the adrenal disease) and to my shock & surprise, kidney failure. How could that be? The tests were run a second time with the same result. This was a death sentence as dialysis was not possible for ferrets. The vet gave him 6 months...maximum. No, was not his time. He deserved a longer, happier life. I refused to accept this and turned to a holistic practitioner who recommended kidney tonic, Willard Water and Noni Juice. He seemed to show instant improvement, but I was afraid to be too hopeful. He could go down as quickly as he perked up...but so far it was working....days...weeks...months went by and Silver appeared to be fine. Still, I celebrated every day of looking into those oil drop eyes as a gift. No more signs of any kind of illness whatsoever and he still enjoyed bits of turkey and chicken with his low protein kibble. He really hated the taste of the Noni Juice, but down it went, every day, like it or not. We passed the one year mark. Silver was still fine and sticking to his regimen. Since he was doing fine at his two year anniversary and so hated the Noni, I began to cut back on it. Three months later he passed. I don't know if it was because I cut back on the Noni, or it was just his time. He was at least 6 or 7 years old. I do know that I will never cut back on the Noni once I start a ferret on it ever again, just to erase that little bit of doubt. Fact remains that Noni bought my Silver Furzilla TWO MORE YEARS with holistic treatment which included @ least 2 ml.s of Noni juice per day and I highly recommend it for ferrets, people and all animals.


When purchasing your Noni Juice, it's important to purchase a pure brand either Hawaiian or Tahitian. It lasts forever and is not known to have adverse reactions with other medications. Please check out the links below for more information or to purchase your Noni Juice and don't hesitate to email me with questions. Please keep us updated on how your animals are doing and maybe we'll put your story here!

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