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A Little Introduction!

This page is a tribute to the babies we had the privilege to raise this past spring. In August, we celebrated their 11 week birthday, complete with a party, cake and hand made toys by one of our representatives Angie Light.

Our rescue DOES NOT BREED.

These kits came to us as a result of a breeder that was out of control. We took in one momma with kits one day old. Another jill we took in, sprouted a little tennis ball belly a few week after we took her in and had babies. The litters are a week apart but a tremendous difference in size. Some had spinal and tibia deficiencies due to over crowding in the womb and/or bad genetics.

Considering all of the nightmares we heard about the dangers of breeding ferrets, the horrid things the mommas are capable of doing, it was a relatively smooth time but an awful lot of work. The mommas took wonderful care of the babies, but one litter required surrogate care at 3 weeks old as momma wasn't producing enough milk. That was when one of our representatives, Roseanne, stepped up, took them in and provided hand feedings every 3 hours for two weeks until the kits were strong enough to wobble up to the plate and feed themselves. It didn't help matters, that momma (Ivy) herself was very skittish and absolutely terrified of people when we took her in. She herself required hand feeding & watering for several weeks before I gained her trust.

We documented every phase of their kit hood in pictures, delighting in every aspect of being proud grand moms & dads. They seemed to change & grow daily, after weaning, packing away about 5-6 pounds of chicken a week. The crock pot never stopped! More recent pics of the kits will be coming. They are now four months old, some are absolutely huge. They are all beautiful kids and are undergoing nip training.....while painful, it is also humorous to see this tiny little fur butt no bigger than a hamster hanging off your finger , growling ferociously. They are so full of energy. They never seem to stop. Raising kits has been a precious and unforgettable experience.

One of Ivy's champagne kits peeks over the edge of a basket bed.

One of Ivy's kits that Kim adopted, playing in the plastic eggs...Lucky photo shot!! Thanks Angie!!

Angie tickles a yawning kit trying to nap in a pile with his siblings amongst the plastic eggs.

A group shot of Abby's entire litter napping int the plastic eggs.

Ivy's litter @ approximately 4 days old. They are growing fur already!!!

Ivy's litter @ approximately 3 weeks old, ready to open their eyes any day now. A this young age they began to litter train THEMSELVES, crawling from the sleep sack to use the newspaper.

Uncle Sam the cat investigates Abby's litter of wiggly little wonders.
Sam loves ferrets, his gentle nature exhibited in this picture.




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