When you adopt from Somethin Up My Sleeve,
you will receive ( in addition to a bundle or two or three  of fuzzy joy):

Many people have remarked that our adoption process is somewhat involved,….that they thought they were adopting a child…well, you are! These animals are our fuzzy children. For some, the rescue is their 3rd move or even more. For many of the rescues, we really don’t know how many homes they have been through.  They’ve been through enough upheaval in their little lives  and we take every step to insure that there next home is their forever home. Be prepared to adopt two or more ferrets for two reasons.

1.      Ferrets thrive in groups and our good companionship for each other when you are away .

2.      We do not split up bonded groups. Ferrets that arrive at the rescue as “buddies” stay that way. Ferrets that arrive as singles, often find a buddy in the pack of rescued ferrets.  Imagine not only losing your home and the humans you love but also losing your ferret companion. All living things have feelings and emotions. Most develop strong bonds with their humans. Sadly, they also bond with those that neglect and abuse them showing unconditional love no matter how they are treated.  The stress of  separation  can cause illness and depression. In some cases, they have been known to go off their feed  starving themselves to death. Seldom do we only have single ferrets available.

We require references, veterinary and personal, a completed adoption application and home visits.  Please be patient during this process. We only have the best interests of these animals at heart.

For Further Information...

Kim Fox, somethinupmysleevefuzzys@yahoo.com