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Eency Weency


Eeency weency toeseys and Eency weency noseys

Eency musky aromas as the breezies blowseys

Teeny weeny tails, and teeny weeny toe nails

Teeny weeny weenies on all the teeny males

Teeny weeny whiskers and teeny weeny footsies

Fuzzy little furrzies on chubby little booties

Precious little nosies on precious fuzzy faces

Curled in a fuzzy bundle burrowing in indiscriminate places

Eeency weency ears on barely fuzzy heads,

Do not hear an eency weency word that I have said.

Eeency weency furbabes that will quickly grow.

Letting go of mom to folks that love them so.

Eency weency babes that will stay within our hearts

Remembering that we gave their life the perfect eency start.

The End

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